As the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Austin-based indie magazine ORANGE, I led a team of 100 staff writers, editors, photographers, designers and creatives in crafting bold, dynamic, and interesting stories for 130,000 yearly readers at orangemag.co.  


We also produced a dynamic 100-page print issues biannually — which we distributed across Texas, the country, and even as far as Zimbabwe.

More about our last two issues:

The Reactions Issue.
Volume 2, Issue 2 of ORANGE Magazine
In our latest issue our team of writers and designers reflect on how we got to this current social, political and cultural moment. Contributors tell stories of anxiety, change, uncertainty, triumph, identity, and home.

To read The Reactions Issue, click here.

The Dimensions Issue.
Volume 2, Issue 1 of ORANGE Magazine

In the freshman issue of our second volume of print, writers reflect on the intersections between time and place in regard to home, identity and culture.

To read The Dimensions Issue, click here.